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Your Voice

Sensory Solutions, Wellness Products & Evolving Technology

Passion & Purpose

Our Why....​

In the United States alone, 1 in 45 children are diagnosed with autism, and worldwide 1 in 160 children.  We know that the world is changing more and more everyday, and sometimes it is really hard for our kids to keep up. We know and understand the patience that is needed, and the stress that comes along with raising a child with autism.  You are doing the hard work.  We are just here to give you the tools that you and your child need to live a comfortable and functional life while navigating your life with autism.


Our company is one that is constantly growing and evolving in order to meet the needs of the kids that need us the most.  We are constantly thinking of new and exciting ideas, and how they can be applied to the life of a child with autism.  Seeing the world through the eyes of a child with autism is what we do here at Your Voice, because they are the reason.  Offering innovative products and services is something that we are very proud to do.

Quality Products

We pride ourselves on taking the time, and putting our customer's needs first.  We know and understand autism.  Sometimes, it is the little things that make a difference, and it's all in the details.  We make sure that safety and quality are a priority in everything that we do.  

Social & Community Impact

We are committed to donating weighted blankets to foster homes, institutions, domestic violence shelters and homeless shelters, as well as money to low income families and minority groups using a percentage of our sales.sales.l

Our Partners & Affilations

We could not be more grateful for our partners and affiliates that share our vision